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ScreenMasters is a family owned and operated business that has been specializing in onsite mobile screen repairs and manufacturing, look installation  of all types of insect, click solar and security replacement screens, doctor retractable screen doors for over 36 years. We manufacture quality replacement window screens and replacement sliding screen doors on the spot, made to size and we do so speedily.

We also offer a wide variety of screen materials and screen components. Our secure online store is a great way to place an order for all of our screen products. You can also email or call us at 1-613-612-5555 or toll free 1-877-583-4041  to place an order or for further assistance.

In addition to replacement window screens and sliding screen doors you can see that we offer solar screens, roll-up solar shades, retractable screen doors, retractable window screens, security screens, pet screen, copper screen and much more.

There are many different types of screening fabrics available for your window, door, gazebo, sun room and enclosure  screen replacement. The most common screen mesh is charcoal fiberglass insect screening and our Exclusive Pet Screen .

One of our newest and more popular screen materials is the UltraVue invisible screen. UltraVue allows you to see the view and not the screen while keeping small insects outside.

Tuffscreen™  is a very durable light weight  screen that can be installed in window screens, a sliding screen door, screen porches and patio enclosures. You may never have to screen again with Tuffscreen™.

Pet screen is a heavier version of the Tuffscreen™ and is great for damaged screen by your  pets. Pet screen can be installed in window screens, a sliding screen door and anywhere else you install screen.

No-see-um screen materials keep out tiny no-see-um bugs and can be installed in replacement screens and patio screen doors.

Copper Screen, Bronze Screen, and stainless is another type of screen we offer. The Copper screen or Bronze Screen is a durable and beautiful screen material for your screens in time it turns to a wonderful patina color.

Solar Screen keeps out the suns heat, glare and harmful UV rays up to 95% in addition to providing privacy while allowing good outward visibility. You can have any of the above screen wire installed in your replacement window screens.

In addition we now offer screen panels for screen patios, winter panels with clear vinyl which keeps out the snow and allows you to use the room all year, decks and screen enclosures and hand rails.

Need a quote on a large quantity of window screens or sliding screen doors please email or call us at 1-613-612-5555

Our customers are our number one priority at ScreenMasters Of Canada so please feel free to contact us if we can assist you with your custom or replacement, repair screen project.

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A Sunroon Wall System Designed From The Ground Up

Grand Vista Three Season Sunrooms feature our exclusive wall design that is optimized for appearance. Look closely, there are no window frames cluttering the look of your sun room, they’re built right into the wall! Other systems use after-market windows for that “storm window” look.

Double hung or stacking windows interfere with your view. They can ultimately become difficult to operate and the plastic positioning clips often break. That’s why Grand Vista windows are side sliding style to provide a great view as well as a great look. Our nylon rollers provide a smooth opening & closing operation for years to come.

Grand Vista Insulated Sun rooms feature a 3? thick maintenance-free aluminum wall with “thermal breaks” for improved insulation. The windows are high quality vinyl side sliders.

Grand Vista sun rooms are comprised of custom made wall sections typically not exceeding five feet in width. Options include: swing doors or patio doors, troche three standard colours – white, earth stone (three season only) or desert sand, tempered glass knee wall, fixed glass wall sections or fixed glass transoms above the windows.

Your Grand Vista sunroom comes standard with operating side sliding windows, including screens (no “filler” panels, unless you want them). So on those warm sunny days, you can open each of them to enjoy the warm breeze and smell the flowers.

For the roof of your sunroom, choose from Craft-Bilt’s™ The Northlander™ Skyview style or thePanelCraft aluminum sandwich panel with insulated polystyrene core. The roof typically overhangs 6? – 12? on the front and side walls. If your new patio room doesn’t fill the whole deck, you can extend the roof to one side to create a rain-free area for barbecuing, playing, storage etc.

Sunroom Applications

Grand Vista 3 Season and Insulated Sunrooms are very versatile. Here are some ways to enjoy a sunroom:

  • A-Frame Sunroom (cathedral ceiling)
  • Studio Sunroom (“lean-to” or “shed” roof design)
  • Under Existing (close in a porch with existing roof)
  • Front Porch Enclosure
  • Balcony Enclosure
  • RV and Park Model Enclosures in Trailer Parks
  • Enclosure For Hot Tub

Sunroom for Jacuzzi

Sunroom for Lap Pool


Close in a Porch

Walls For an Existing Roof


Porch Enclosure

Front Porch Enclosure

Grand Vista 3 Season Sunroom Features

Adjustable Pitch for Roof

Grand Vista sunrooms feature our unique swivel header design. Compared to the industry standard of a simple square channel sitting atop of your walls, our Grand Vista header means:

  • The inside of your sunroom has a clean curved look. (The industry standard of a square chanelresults in an unsightly gap)
  • The roof panels are properly supported no matter what the pitch. (The industry standard has all the weight of the panels and snow bearing on the outside edge of a square channel
  • Our Swivel Header results in a “double hollow” effect. Two hollow chambers provides great rigidity so that even whan your roof is loaded with snow, the windows will operate properly.

Water Control System

The Floor Channel of your Grand Vista sunroom is designed with a slope so that moisture runs to the outside. Attractive weep hole covers exceed the industry standard of simple site-drilled or site-punched weep holes.

Easy To Operate

The Grand Vista windows glide on nylon rollers. Other windows in the industry use plastic blocks.

Weather Control / Strength

  • Look closely, the weatherstripping is “cradled” in concave shaped guides, resulting in a better seal and smoother operation.


  • Note the hollow chamber. “Hollows” cost more to produce, but provide superior strength. Grand Vista Header & Sill extrusions are both “hollows”. The industry standard is a less expensive non-hollow shape.


  • The sloped Sill of the Grand Vista sunroom window means your room is dry and there is no standing water in the tracks.
  • The screw ports that hold the Grand Vista walls sections together were designed for #10 gauge fasteners. This provides greater strength compared to the industry standard of #8 gauge.


  • Attractive weep hole covers

Available Colours in Three Season:

White Sand Earthstone

Grand Vista Insulated Sunroom Features

Grand Vista insulated sunroom corner post

Massive 4” x 4” Corner Post

  • Pour & Debridge thermal break, the same thermal barrier used on commercial buildings throughout the world. The extrusion is designed with a cavity into which a liquid polyurethane polymer is poured, the “Pour”. After curing, the back of the cavity is cut away, the “Debridge”, and the thermal break is complete!
Grand Vista floor channel thermally broken

Water Control System

  • Floor Track with Pour & Debridge thermal break
  • Hidden weep holes so your sunroom has a clean appearance
  • Floor Track has sloped surface to ensure all drainage is quickly directed to the extrerior – no standing water like those systems with flat floor tracks!
Grand Vista insulated sunroom thermally broken header arm and support

Adjustable Swivel Header

  • Supports the roof panels properly – other systems place all the weight of the roof on the edge of a square channel
  • Your sunroom looks clean and finished inside – no unsightly angle trim like other sunrooms
  • Pour & Debridge thermal isolation





Triple_Glaze window

 Insulated vinyl windows include: